:Company News > Leaders of Futian District Enterprise Service Center Visit Our Company for Investigation


    After listening to the briefing report, the leaders of the service center expressed admiration for the achievements which made by Coordinate Decoration in just a few years, understood and affirmed the hardships that enterprises and business leaders have paid in the course of development. Director Feng said that the aims that he came to the company is following. The first aim is to introduce the regional government's plan for regional economy and social development  to enterprises, and the supporting policy of payment to enterprises.  The other aim is to understand the situation of enterprises and solve the practical problems in the development of enterprises, so as government can provide the basis for the supporting policies and improving the quality of service.


    According to the development of the enterprise and the problems encountered, Director Feng introduced the following: first, the service center organizes or commissions other organizations to carry out training in various fields in the areas of talent training and continuing education. To broaden the channels for the training of enterprise personnel. The responsible personnel of the relevant business of the enterprise can pay attention to the trend through the official website / WeChat Official account and other channels in time, do not miss the related activities, the policy. Second, with the rising of the housing prices in Shenzhen, government considering the housing pressure for employees, the government has begun to increase the subsidy of introducing talents, help enterprises retain talents and reduce the mobility of personnel. Third, the pressure of rental of office space, the district government has more advantages in view of the "headquarter enterprises"  preferential policy, there are corresponding subsidy when it comes to buying or rental of office space. Fourth, the financing cost question, the city and the district two levels government concerned department entrusts to set up the venture capital fund, uses the equity investment and so on to support the enterprise development; In addition, there are corresponding rewards for listing and listing on the new three boards. Fifth, Futian District organizes various cultural activities to encourage the active participation of enterprise employees, strengthen communication and interaction between corporate culture and community cultural construction, and enhance staff's sense of belonging and cultural identity. Thus reducing talent mobility.


    Finally, Feng said that the Futian District set up an enterprise service center to create a platform for enterprises to solve practical difficulties, and to maximize support for enterprise development.


    After listening to Director Feng's introduction, the company leader sincerely thanked the government for its understanding, support and concern for the enterprise. Through this investigation and guidance, the enterprise deeply felt that it was not alone in the process of entrepreneurial development; with the government's understanding and support, our confidence is boosted, Coordinate Decoration determinate to grow in Futian, give full play to the advantages of enterprises,to make greater contributions for the development of the regional economy and society, for the economic and social development of Shenzhen.