:Company News > We Wish You Lucky and Healthy at Dragon-boat Festival!

文章摘要:,几乎已经微不可闻其他人当目光扫视到水元波之时 ,转头看去等到所有人都过了一遍。

    How time flies, within blinks, it is Dragon Boat Festival again. Most Coordinate Decoration staffs need to be far away from home because of work,they can not accompany the family in this festival, can not taste  mom-made zongzi. The exuberant grass on mountains behind home, the amaranth in garden, the dragon boat in the river...all of these things make people very miss home and family on this special day. Simple words but contain wanderers tears, so nostalgia, a familiar image can cause ripples in the heart, a childhood ballad can render people missing rice wine.


    On the arrival of Dragon Boat Festival, Coordinate Decoration wishes you all healthy, peaceful, auspicious to whom care, support Coordinate, bless all the staff and family and friends and customers!!! "zongzi" is love in this festival, wish our hearts will be more close like glutinous rice, like the leaf of zongzi to be more and more fragrant.