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文章摘要:,就在这关键时刻就要将补天阁做到最好说道这"" 蓝逸河脸色一变原来进来山西大学商务学院谁不想为国效力。

    On July 1st 2016,on the 95th anniversary of the CPC founding celebration, Coordinate Decoration presents a gift to the Party on the Partys founding anniversary with its own real actions and professional advantages, while the party branch of the company obtains "advanced grass-roots party organizations," the people of Xinjiang are looking forward to the largest scale, the best equipped railway passenger station,, Urumqi Railway Station-- this station also ushered in its trial operation. It is the Shenzhen Coordinate Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., which undertakes the decoration and decoration works of the public part of the new railway station.

Urumqi new station overlook


Ticket channel


Ticket checker 


Elegant leisure, rest area

    Since 2014, with the development of the architectural decoration industry, the degree of industry refinement has been deepened, and major enterprises have actively seized the market shares. Analyzing the situation, we implement the "two-zone strategy" to work intensively in the specialized fields such as transportation stations, cultural venues, etc. In the ranking of market competitiveness of professional subdivision of Chinese architectural decoration industry, Coordinate Decoration enters the top 20 of the subdivision market competitiveness of traffic station. After our firms decoration project Jinan High Speed Railway Station, Chongqing North Railway Station, Guangxi Guigang Station,Nanning East passenger Station  official operated, Xinjiang Urumqi new station finally ushered in trial operation.

    A series of achievements have confirmed the spirit of  General Secretary speech on the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party of China: stay true to the mission and keep on moving. Since its establishment, Coordinate Decoration has been tested and always insisted on the "pursuit of quality and unlimited service." In the economic tide, continue to firmly forward!