:Company News > Deep Cooperation, together create a win-win----welcome the representatives of China Architectural Decoration Association Residential Products Industry Branch to visit Coordinate Decoration


    On the morning of July 8, 2016, following exchanges with representatives of Shenzhen Guangtian Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuanpeng Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baoying Construction Group Co., Ltd., Jomoo, ARROW, Bravat , Huida, SSWW, Delicacy, Aosman, dozens of kitchen and sanitary enterprises, led by Secretary General Hu Yannan of the China Architectural Decoration Association Residential Products Industry Branch, went to Coordinate Decoration to inspect and communicate with us. The director of the company and the company leader in charge of design and innovation research and development, Peng Yonghuo, Peng Zuofan, deputy general manager in charge of material procurement, Zhu Xuejian, deputy general manager in charge of engineering, and heads of departments in charge of cost, marketing and overseas development, and some staff members attended the exchange Activities .

    After walked around in the company, the exchange activities officially began. First of all, on behalf of the company, Peng Yonghuo, director of the company, thanked the Association for its support for Coordinate Decoration, the   love of Kitchen and Sanitary Committee for Coordinate Decoration, and trust of all brand enterprises for Coordinate Decoration. Welcome the representatives of all partner associations and brother enterprises for inspection and guidance.


    Subsequently, in order to enhance mutual understanding, Coordinate Decoration introduced the company's history, current situation and future development strategy.


    In introducing the exchange group enterprises, Secretary-General Hu said that the China Association connects the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, has the advantage of resource integration, and has relevant member units in each link. The association will exert its platform advantages as far as possible and create platform value. After three days of visit, not only did they harvest valuable opportunities for direct dialogue between the supply and demand sides, but also the exchanges between their peers, and the friendship between the association units. Representatives of the exchange group enterprises said that the visit was properly arranged. From the point of view of procurement cooperation, the association organizes activities from the bottom up to achieve accurate docking. Stop hoof is gratifying, can let the member unit on the platform have harvest, also realized the benign interaction between the industry chain.