:Company News > Mentality, Breakthrough, Thanksgiving-side--2016 Coordinate Decoration Outdoors Activities Record


    On 16th July  2016, Coordinate Decoration staff came to Shenzhen, Nanao Yangmeikeng Sanmu Xinganxian field base, launched a two-day outdoor training. This expansion activity aims to cultivate and strengthen the sense of teamwork, collective honor and enhance employees self-discipline, develop their potential abilities and help them to seek self-breakthrough.


    In the heat of the sun, in sweat and joy, the staff members of the Coordinate Decoration were divided into three teams, completed crazy roller coaster, high-altitude jumping, black hole of life and death, floating through water and other outdoor development activities to challenge personal limits with harvest, joy, and a sense of achievement after a breakthrough; from the first random team confrontation to a series of team cooperation projects, which tested the individual will, ability and courage of the players, as well as the cooperation of the entire team and the mutual understanding and trust of team members.


    The outdoor goal of "mentality, breakthrough, gratitude" left a deep impression on us, and inspired us to have more courage and self-confidence, more enterprising and mutual help, more understanding and communication in our work.


    The outdoor goal of "mentality, breakthrough, gratitude" left a deep impression on us, and inspired us to have more courage and self-confidence, more enterprising and mutual help, more understanding and communication in our work.


Two days of outdoor development activities, many colleagues sunburned skin, abraded knees, or even scratched hands and feet, but  we keep making self breakthrough to finish  projects with our unity, build up our team, outdo our self.

    Everyone returned to the company in laughter and joy, summing up this outdoor activity. Everyone unanimously said that the activity was successful and meaningful. During the whole development process, there were no complaints, no cries of bitterness and tiredness, some of which were just unity, cooperation and mutual encouragement. This is the altitude a team should have, but also the significance of our development activities should achieve.


    Peng Guobin: There are lots of voices before you start to do it, but you will only know whether they are meaningful after you tried them. The right thing will never be completely meaningless. Although these two days, we suffered from sunburn and  lack of rest but I'm sure everyone will get something from this experience. Whether it's getting to know a co-worker, getting to know each other more deeply, being relate to the team spirit, and so on. Hopefully, in the future, we'll be able to follow our inner judgment. Even ordinary things can find their own meaning. 


    Peng Weijian: as a new member of Coordinate Decoration, I am very grateful to the company for this outdoor training. I am lucky that I can share this unforgettable memory with our colleagues! Thank the organizer, director and Guobin for their hard work, thanks to everyone for their support and cooperation, thank brothers who catch me at the other end of the black hole! Thank you!


    Lai Qiu qu: thank the company for organizing this outdoor activity, thank the colleagues who organized the activities with their efforts, thank all the partners who participate in this activity. From the bottom of my heart. I would like to say that we are more close to each other through this event, I hope this brotherhood feelings of Coordinate Decoration can last all the way. I love you!


    Yang he: the courage to take the first step, the trust among our peers, and the persistent belief are all the driving forces for us to complete every task! ! !


    Zhang Xiaojun: pain and happiness, every project, every game has an educational and inspiring meaning behind it.


    Luo Jie: cooperation spirit of this community is very important, a person's strength is limited, we can work together to go through difficulties.


    Huang Cong Yu: in real work and life, we must firstly set goals and then work together with the believe that we can accomplish our common goals. Finally, we need to review everything and thank those who have helped us along the way. Be grateful.


    Ye Maohang: a team project is not a project that can be done well by a person's intelligence, strength and ability. You must work together and give advice to the team to accomplish the challenge. It is not easy to do every simple thing well.


    Peng Jiaxin: in real work, when we encounter difficulties, we can overcome all difficulties as long as we have the confidence,hard work, actions by taking the first step bravely.


    Wang Tian: all roads lead to Rome. Among all the outdoor teams that coach Zhang has been leaded for more than 10 years, none of the teams has chosen to "rush" through the last line of defense at the critical moment of the last checkpoint. Our personnel dare to do it. Sometimes we dare to break the old rules, break through ourselves, Our Coordinate Decoration people need this "breakthrough" spirit to be successful. The coach finally summed up the word "breakthrough". I feel like it comes from the courage of our people.


    Lin Yuhui: with a firm attitude to face all kinds of challenges, we can conquer any difficulties with unity and our common spirit. With friendly communication, mutual cooperation, consistent Coordinate Decoration quality, Coordinate Decoration people could be much more better!!!


    Li Junjie: this is a spiritual journey that has sharpened our hearts, sublimated our minds, rediscovered and experienced the power of team spirit, and inspired our personal potential. It has been fully released, which strengthened the challenge of self-courage and confidence.

    Zhang Shengqiu:  what work needs: unity, bold, resourceful, hard, firm, happy, mutual help, grateful.

    Throughout the activity, each team experienced failures and difficult times, but none of them, a member of the team, gave up: a team member who climbed high above the stem stood in the air shaking, with many times temptation of the coach saying: you can come down if you cannot make it, there is no one Coordinate person gave up; coach repeatedly tempted Zhuang Di Xing director to give up to do more than 300 push-ups, he did not give up, this is the Coordinate person's character, Coordinate person's quality!

In the face of each failure, all the team members did not complain, Coordinate people did not lose heart, but to regroup, learn from those lessons, take positive response, restart from the beginning!

A good attitude is the basis of a breakthrough: whether it is their own leap or colleagues pull over, whether based on self-confidence or based on the trust of colleagues to grasp the safety rope, can bravely step out under the circumstances of shaking legs is a successful breakthrough!!!

At the last moment of crossing through the black hole, the general director and the last member of escort team, faced with the punishment of more than 300 push-ups, their arms were stiff and their waists could no longer support their bodies. At that moment, they had thousands of reasons to give up!!! But they chose to persevere, and made a historic leap--the instructor who had been training for more than a decade never saw the last player jump, and the safe team caught him with his hands intertwined!!!


No positive altitude no successful breakthrough!  Be grateful for companion's support, escort and cooperation. Appreciation and trust make each member of the team to be more confident to create a miracle! Thank everyone in our lives!