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Outdoor promotional activities in 2016

The year-end summary party of 2015

Strategic cooperation contract with Jinan University

Coordinate basketball team competing in the SDIA basketball tournament

The fifth conference on Engineering—cost control of decoration projects

2014 annual summary commendation congress

The company organized hike along a seashore plank road.

Chairman, Peng Zuodong, gave training lessons to staff

The fourth conference on Engineering of Coordinate Decoration

Coordinate Decoration attended Shanwei-Luhe Folks fraternity held in Bejing.

Coordinate Decoration held the fifth anniversary of summary and 2013 commendation congress

Coordinate Decoration carried out diathesis developing training.

Chairman, Peng Zuodong, expresses condolence to workers at the construction site.

2012 Summarization convention.

The new year party in 2012

The first conference on Projects Management in 2012 of Coordinate Decoration

The new year party in 2011

Company leaders inspect and guide works frequently at security project construction site

Coordinate Decoration organized all staff to donate for the earthquake in Ya’an, Sichuan province.

Coordinate Decoration held 2014 Lantern Festival activities